Pinewood for pallets

Pinewood for Pallets!

Perfectly cut dimensional lumber

Pinewood for pallets

SYP Pallets

New pallets at the lowest price

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We specialize in supplying a wide variety of wood products including:
Dimensional Pine Lumber, Exotic Raw Slabs, Plywood, Designer Furniture & Luxury Wood Products

Interested in lumber for pallets?

Supplying high-quality pine wood is our main goal when working with pallet manufacturers

Check Out our Luxury Slabs

Our exotic pieces come from rescued trees found in lakes throughout Central America

Purple Heart

Dragon Wood


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Designer Tables

Distinctive pieces
Handmade with our exotic slabs

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Truly Unique

No two tables are the same

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Tones of Nature

We let the grain speak for itself
by using natural finishes

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Plywood Products Catalog

Because We Care

Planting Love

Harvesting Future


Wood Products

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Planted Forests

Plywood Products Catalog


Our main distribution warehouse is located at Opa-Locka, FL. From here we supply the Southeast of the US. 
Our newest location resides at the heart of Houston, TX, allowing us to supply the nation’s central region.