Pinewood Lumber

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) Lumber is our flagship product, feel free to contact us to find the best option for your needs.

Your best lumber supplier option

Pinewood for Pallet Solutions & Dimensional Lumber

Competitive Pricing

Lowest possible price, regardless of where you are in the world.

Money Protection

Payment held until the product is inspected at your production plant.

Reliable Supply

A dependable supply provides peace of mind, so you can focus 100% on manufacturing.

Strict Quality Control

Our lumber is inspected at every step of the process, using rigorous quality control standards.

International Standards

Complies with International Standards (ISPM-15 & HT), ensuring mold resistance & perfect humidity levels.

Pine Species

We supply different pine species, including: Elliotti, Taeda, Sylvestris, Radiata and Patula, ensuring that the lumber can support heavy loads while providing a grain that tolerates complete nail insertion.

Credit Options Available

Please contact us for further guidance on our requirements and application process.