Exotic Wood Slabs

Sustainable & carefully selected by our wood experts for beautiful grain texture.

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Our Exotic Species

All of our beautiful slabs come from sustainable sources in Central America. We rescue trees from the bottom of lakes, and also fallen trees that fell down due to natural causes. Our species are rare, and are prepared to the highest standards, we dry them to a moisture level of 14%, which makes them suitable for any use. The grain and tone are truly magnificent, exhibiting colors than range from purple to dark caramel.

Purple Heart

Also known as Peltogyne or Amaranth (Exotic Wood). Freshly cut the heartwood is dull grayish/purplish brown. Upon exposure it becomes a deeper eggplant color. Purple Heart is challenging to work with but it is extremely durable. Also, it can resist both decay and most insect attacks.

Dragon Wood

Dragon wood is a rare species renowned for its beautiful color a deep reddish/orange background with dark vein stripes dramatic & durable perfect for any luxury decoration.


Imported from central america this highly valued wood has a beautiful golden-brown Hawaiian koa/Acacia-likefigure we maximize the contrast of the natural grain in our hand-made process.


Guachapalí naturally grows in dry sites of central america It has a soft open grain similar to walnut’s with a deep elegant brown color & sturdy and heavy density

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Currently we only carry 3 in slabs and these cannot be cut to make them thinner, because the slab could break in the process. These pieces give the highest luxurious look and sturdiest qualities. At the same time we offer highly competitive pricing per board foot, you will get a better result at a similar price than the competition’s thinner pieces.