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Our passion for interior design

Sustainable & carefully selected
by our wood experts for beautiful
grain & texture.

Why Work With Us?

Our passion for interior design and our care for the environment, inspired us to produce a line of luxury tables, suited even for the most demanding designers.


Hand Made

Exotic Species

Our process

We carefully respect the process, starting with the selection of our exotic slabs, all the way to the execution of each hand-made piece.

6 Exotic Species In Custom Styles

We source our slabs from Reclaimed Trees found at the bottom of lakes in Central and South America. We pay close attention to each part of the process, from sourcing to production.

Custom Legs

High Grade Custom Legs

We offer the option of custom legs for all of our tables. Even intricate designs are possible.

Solid Teak Cheese Boards |

Designed to be multi-purpose | solid wood from replanted forest exclusively

Plantation teak | Planted Forests | Oil it Twice a Year | Hand made

Available In Stock

Purple Heart

Elegance & Durability

Also known as Peltogyne or maranth This exotic wood has a distinctive & rare purple tint We offer this variety in coffee table & dining table sizes a unique wood suitable to be the centerpiece of any decoration


Striking Contrast & Color

Imported from central america this highly valued wood has a beautiful golden-brown Hawaiian koa/Acacia-likefigure we maximize the contrast of the natural grain in our hand-made process


Modern & Classy

Guachapalí naturally grows in dry sites of central america It has a soft open grain similar to walnut’s With a deep elegant brown color & sturdy and heavy density

Dragon Wood

Dramatic & Rare

Dragon wood is a rare species renowned for its beautiful color a deep reddish/orange background with dark vein stripes dramatic & durable perfect for any luxury decoration


Rare & Dynamic

One of the most precious and rare woods on the planet. It is hard and heavy with an intense
caramel tone with a beige edge and darker stripes. It is so dense and compact that it can look like and acrylic piece.


Renowned & Durable

Platonia insignis, is a tree of the family Clusiaceae native to South America in the humid forests of Brazil, Paraguay, parts of Colombia and northeast to Guyana; specially in Amazon Rainforest.